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10 Digital Marketing Trends that Will Rule in 2022

Some businesses are unable to progress ahead of their competitors only because of their repudiation to adapt to the new digital world. Today, the world has transformed into a digital arena; the way people communicate and behave, even the buying prospects, have shifted online. More than half of the world’s population uses the internet and digital media to grasp knowledge and information.

In the light of the aforementioned situation, it has become indispensable for businesses to omit digital strategies of reaching out to their customers. Adapting to these new-age marketing strategies is essential for a business to survive in the market.

Digital marketing promotes and advertises brand-its products or services through the internet or other means of digital communication. Also known as online marketing, digital marketing involves using digital tactics to attract and convert audiences online.

Digital marketing is a more effective strategy than traditional marketing that incorporates offline marketing as it can target potential customers from any part of the world. In fact, the massive internet usage and digital media have given rise to the significance of digital marketing. However, the most successful marketing strategies include an amalgamation of traditional and modern strategies of marketing.

This article discusses the latest and prospected trends that will rule digital marketing in 2022. Precisely, the popular trends of 2021 are prospected to outshine in 2022 like Real-time analytics, AI, Voice search, Smarketing, and content marketing, to name a few.

1.    Real-time analytics of user experience will become significant:

The customers want to get the information they want. Otherwise, they easily sail away. Therefore, real-time analytics are essential to understand the behaviour of leads to improve customer services.  

Real-time data processing involves continuous data input and output that helps organizations access their data and derive insights to respond and act immediately. It refers to analytics that offers immediate insights for making better decisions instantly. This analysis offers you the capacity to access data with almost zero latency between data ingestion and processing.

It means that, by analyzing the quick insights, you can make better decisions for the improvements, which definitely paves the path for the success of the business.

It is very useful and of prime importance, because it helps make immediate improvements and modifications for the data received in real-time, allowing you to correct errors and capitalize on opportunities. Additionally, its significance is essential for the reputation of a brand as the speed of response differentiates the services of one company from the other. Real-time data analytics help in speedy product iteration.

2.    Content marketing will become more crucial:

Content marketing is one of the prominent pillars of online marketing. Year by year, more marketers realize the essence and key importance of content marketing. According to research, more than 90% of prominent B2B content marketers agree that content marketing is extremely important for a company’s success. Almost all major businesses focus on the strategies of content marketing.

Content marketing is a marketing method of creating and distributing original, relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and retain the potential audience.

Content marketing has always existed since the inception of digital marketing. But with time, it is gaining more propensity and is evolving with the time. Companies are changing their approaches to using the content. The content creation for the businesses serves as a technique to boost sales. That is why it is essential for the content marketing techniques to align with the sales tactics.

Content marketing has the capability to generate three times more leads than the other marketing techniques. It can also derive a six times more conversion rate than outbound marketing.

Content marketing is the ultimate way for businesses to interact with customers and build trust. Which, as a result, helps in generating leads and increasing the conversion rate. Therefore, it should be customer-centric. Consistent and high-quality content is essential as it affects the decision-making of the users.

3.    Combining marketing and sales:

The pandemic has opened new avenues for e-commerce. Online shopping has skyrocketed in the pandemic, and it is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the future. Today, much of the purchase is happening online. Therefore, combining sales and marketing can help create the feasibility for the audience to shop online. Introducing marketing software and sales automation tools can help businesses collect data on prospects and offer viability for the shopping process.

There are many businesses that cannot connect or at times practically link the two different sectors of a business: Marketing and sales. While marketing is the process of using procedures and techniques to present your products and services to the key audience, sales are the process of selling those products and services. The integration of marketing and sales is the best thing that businesses can do to increase revenue.

The amalgamation of the marketing and sales department is usually referred to as Smarketing. It allows the sales and marketing teams of a company to work in combination to optimize their work. According to a report, integrating the sales and marketing can help generate 32% higher revenues, retain 36% more customers, and get 38% higher win rates.

4.    Just-in-time marketing will become more inclusive:

Ass the name suggests, Just-in-time marketing is the kind of marketing technique that focuses on marketing content when required, attuning to the needs of the interested consumers exactly when they are prospected to buy it. Just-in-time marketing is prospected to become essential and prominent among marketers in 2022, given its wide range of benefits. One report shows that almost 38% of businesses have grown their revenues by more than 25% through just-in-time marketing. It can smoothly reduce the marketing inefficiencies that occur with other marketing strategies. Also, its flexibility and on-point marketing get the consumers satisfied, which is the prerequisite for a company’s success. Its ability to offer quick customer insights is undoubtedly a good strength.  

5.    Hyper-targeted advertising will be a big part of marketing plans:

Hyper-targeted advertising is a marketing technique that focuses on advertising messages to a specific group of people. It aims to save resources by streamlining the most crucial targets. It is because most people ignore advertisements when they are irrelevant to them. It works by targeting the audience by demographics, interests, and online behaviours. According to research, around 49% of people ignore a brand if it offers them repeated irrelevant ads. And 36% of people end up buying from the brands if the ads are specific and relevant to them. Advertising is always targeted at the potential audience, but hyper-targeted advertising is targeted at the MOST potential audience. It means that those who do not qualify as the most potential audience will not see those ads. So a group of people qualifying in a category will see the particular ads. The future of digital advertising is based on showing the audience the tailored and most relevant ads.

6. AI will become predominant:

Artificial intelligence is the advanced technology in computers and machines that can replicate the cognitive attributes of humans. It is the technology that enables computers and computer-generated interfaces to act like a human in given conditions. For example, the chatbot on the websites that respond to questions of the users in real-time is an example of Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence helps to trace the capacity in which the user is using a product and select the appropriate communication for the context. As a result, it derives highly valuable information enabling better response actions.

Almost all well-known companies use Artificial intelligence that aids business productivity by improving customer service. A report suggested that Artificial intelligence is forecasted to grow at heaping 33.2% within 2020 to 2027. Therefore, we can understand that artificial intelligence will grow in importance in 2022.  

7. User-generated content will lead the game:

Let’s face it; customers rely on other customers more than the brands. Keeping the responses and testimonials of the consumers should be an inclusive part of a marketing strategy. It allows the consumers to create genuine and truthful content about the products or services of a brand in the form of comments, blogs, or review articles or videos. The more consumers engage with brands on different platforms, the more trust is built about the brand in the consumers’ minds. The user-generated content can attract other potential consumers to buy the products and services. Therefore, user-generated content holds immense importance for the customers while buying products and services.  The Nielsen Consumer Trust Index states that around 92% of consumers trust user-generated content more than advertising. Therefore, the businesses need to encourage more feedback to stay relevant and survive in the market.

8. Voice search will become more important to marketers:

The growing trend that is surely going to stay for the long term is voice search. Today, internet users do not search for things by typing words and long sentences; they simply say the words, and the search engine exposes them with relevant information. The graph of voice sales is seamlessly hiking up, which is an indicator that much of future digital communication will rely on voice. Voice shopping is estimated to reach $40 billion in the US alone by 2022. Therefore, it is high time businesses incorporate this segment into their digital marketing strategies.

That said, it is essential to note that the search engine ranks the pages that are optimized for voice. Therefore, businesses need to optimize their content for voice searches. Optimization is a necessary thing that businesses need to focus on in digital marketing because the audience searches for a voice-activated assistant. Google voice assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Microsoft are the popular voice-activated assistants.  

9. Personalization will maintain its significance:

A key factor that the digital marketing strategies of businesses must not abide by is personalization. In digital marketing, personalization refers to the practice of addressing the unique needs of each consumer. It shows that you care for the consumers and know their needs very well. This practice builds a connection with the consumers and generates a feeling in consumers that they know the business on a personal level. The personal touch to the strategies of engaging consumers is very beneficial for a business as it leads to an increase in the probability of repeated purchases. Research suggests that around 40% of consumers will become repetitive buyers after a personalized experience. Also, it is noted that a personalized strategy can increase sales by a whopping 20%. Moreover, 80% of consumers are most likely to buy products or services from a brand after a personalized experience. One of the common dismay shown by digital consumers is related to robotic chatbots. The same generic responses may answer their questions, but they do not necessarily build a connection that they must build. Therefore, businesses need to incorporate personalized strategies for building trust boosting sales.

10.   Omnichannel marketing will become more significant:

As the name implies, omnichannel marketing is a multi-channel sales strategy that is used to improve customer experience to build better relationships across all channels. These channels include all traditional and digital platforms. It is prospected to be the most successful marketing technique as it incorporates various traditional, like physical stores, and digital, like websites, channels. The different channels offer the feasibility and opportunity to the consumers, which means that they can avail of the services and products online and offline, and in combination thereof.  

This approach, in turn, advances their experience with a brand. A better customer experience is a necessity for the success of a business.

Bottom Line:

The marketing and advertising mediums have dramatically changed over the last few years. Today, the importance of digital marketing online has extravagantly increased because they consume most of the data from online platforms. However, the changing behaviours of consumers and advancements in technology are opening doors for new trends. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to keep themselves updated with the current and prospected marketing trends.

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