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A proper email marketing plan is essential to drive a successful marketing campaign. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. It’s a quick, cost-effective way to communicate your message and build customer relationships.
Did you know? A simple welcome trigger email can raise revenue by 760% with the right strategy and execution. Email marketing is quick, inexpensive, and incredibly effective in engaging customers and keeping them informed about your products or services.
Many individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs have difficulty expanding their email lists. They usually build a marketing list but aren’t sure how to communicate with the subscribers and what to show them. As a result, they go with outdated or ineffective email designs that don’t bring any response to the table. With Cognizantt, luckily the case won’t be the same with you. Whether you’re looking to reactivate and reclaim old customers or improve your email marketing? you’re at the right place. As a professional Email Designs agency UK, Cognizantt have all the experts to help you!
We assist our customers in creating, managing, and implementing targeted email communication strategies that maximize conversion leads. Also, our experts help you obtain contacts by utilizing your website visits, social followers, adverts, paid search, and other methods. Gaining customers’ trust and getting them to give you their email addresses was never this easy as it is today with Cognizantt, we blaze the trail when it comes to taking your email marketing to the next level. Next comes creating an email marketing strategy that gives our customers a boost in their overall ROI by using highly responsive Email Designs.

SEO Experts
SEO Experts

Responsive Email Design

According to the survey, 66% of all emails in the United States are now opened/read on smartphones or tablets, while 34% is viewed on a desktop. No matter the device, we design emails that look great on all devices. In this way, we ensure that all recipients can view your emails using any mobile device or email software, such as Gmail or Apple Mail.
Getting more clients to sign up for your emails requires a well-thought-out Email Design approach. Cognizantt has the expertise to assist you with all aspects of your Email Design services, including:
Campaign strategy and content planning.
Cleaning and compiling data lists
HTML coding and creative designing
Despatch management
Creative copies
Metrics and report generation
Boosts Engagement
Good emails are visually appealing and have engaging content that persuades the person to take action. For each customer, we create beautiful email designs that act as marketing masterpieces in both regards. At Cognizantt, our professional email team uses HTML5, media queries, and other inline CSS declarations to exceed your expectations when it comes to designs.
As a world-class email Design agency, Cognizantt helps businesses achieve and maintain measurable results. We guarantee that the quality of your emails (both automatic and campaign-driven) exceeds your expectations.

Social Media Auditing Tools

As a world-class social media auditing agency, we’re experts in social media advertising to help you with all areas of marketing. Using the latest social media management tools, channels, and strategies to track performance, we leave no stone unturned in your business growth.

Bolsters Website Traffic
At Cognizantt, we provide quality, fast, and assembled Email Design services with copy crafted by experts who understand your target audience. We then use these emails as a powerful tool to increase lead generation while bolstering your website traffic.
Our skilled writers have years of experience in the field. We can keep your readers up-to-date about your company’s latest offerings and news in a fun and engaging way.
Our innovative Email Designs services entice and engage new clients. We also help your company maintain relationships with existing clients by producing unique and intriguing content. Here, we craft every message in a way that captures your audience’s attention, helps achieve your current goals, and conveys business offers to the targeted audience.
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Advice form Cognizantt Experts

1 What is the difference between Email Marketing vs Spam?

Email spam refers to unwanted messages sent by marketers. Spam filters can help eliminate most spam emails from reaching inboxes, but some people still receive them. Email marketing is a legitimate way for businesses to communicate with their customers, so it’s not considered spammy. The critical difference between the two is permission – email marketing requires permission from subscribers to send them messages, whereas spam does not.

2 How are emails best used with my digital marketing?

As a leading Email Design agency, we can analyze your email marketing and make recommendations for strategy, implementation, and design improvements to help you meet your KPIs!
In addition, we provide awe–inspiring Email Designs and development services to our loyal clients. Our team creates stunning HTML email templates, responsive emails, and email newsletters to assist you in achieving your goals of increasing engagement with your contacts.

3 Can dual marketing help with building my email contact list?

Yes, of course! With years of experience, we offer strategic ways to help your business grow through effective email marketing, including expanding your mailing list. We can also help with long-term profitability and setup for your business. We cover everything from event-driven mailings (EDMs) to newsletters and other engagement communications.

4 Do we access the data you collect through your professional Email Design services?

Yes. All the information is obtained with the client’s permission through online agreements. The data is utilized to track engagement, click-through, and trend rates. Except for their email and contact information, which they agree to disclose upon subscribing, all the other data is kept private.

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