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Our background, vision, values, achievements and partners

Cognizantt is an IT company with head office in Lahore – Pakistan, and sales offices in the UK, USA and Japan. Cognizantt was created with the aim that website development and internet marketing services should be affordable to all small business marketplaces. The idea is to help restaurant owners, family stores, local grocery stores, mom and pop ships, medical clinics, fashion retailers, importers and distributors and other small scale businesses to realise their potential simply by building a strong and lasting web presence.

According to USA Export Department, “Japan is the world’s third largest—and one of the fastest growing—e-commerce markets in the world. The growth rate has become stable over the past few years, with annual growth estimated at 8.7% in 2016. With Internet penetration estimated at 91% of the population, Japan represents a significant market opportunity. According to the Ecommerce Foundation’s Japan 2016 report, ecommerce accounted for 2.8% of the total GDP of $4.123.3 billion, with over 76.9 million people (70%) shopping online. Japan’s developed economy, highly urban population, and single language make the market attractive to online retailers. Highly developed distribution infrastructure and small country size make delivery easy and convenient. Market growth is expected to be steady for the foreseeable future.”

Thus, Cognizantt was founded on a simple business model: help businesses build their online presence and claim their share of the internet sales by acquiring affordable internet marketing services.

Our team of expert web developers, application developers and internet marketing specialists have years of professional experience acquired through work on numerous dynamic development and marketing projects. At Cognizantt, each member of our team is able to focus on a specific element of an online business which allows us to ensure top notch quality results to our clients at an affordable cost.

All work is outsourced to our office in Pakistan where human resource and facilities are less expansive as compared to labour expansive countries like Japan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. This allows us to deliver highest quality results at a price which cannot be matched by our competitors.

In 2015, Cognizantt International had 8 employees including members of our sales and executive team. By 2018, the company had grown to over 30 employees. To this date, we continue to grow with each passing month, thanks to our focused approach.


Be the global leader in online marketing for small businesses and partners in value, affordability, service and scale by having more satisfied customers in more countries than any other provider.


It is our primary belief that online marketing shouldn’t just be about reports and metrics. It should first and foremost be about the results which can be achieved and the challenges which can be overcome. At the end of the day our aim is to create comprehensive services which produce real and long-term results for our customers.

We provide result-oriented online marketing services in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. We work with online marketing experts around the world to not only ensure a higher standard in professionalism, but to also ensure those working on our online marketing projects are experts within their region and line of work.

Customer Comes First and the Customer Will Last

We are committed to treat our customers with the utmost respect and dignity. The customer comes first and we truly mean. Our business model is designed on providing exceptional customer services and results so we are always perceived as a company which delivers its promises. Whenever you need us, we will be right there to ensure your happiness and success at every stage of the process.

Developing Excellent Customer Relationships

We understand that relationships are the heart of all businesses and partnerships. Since our foundation, we have strived hard to develop and maintain strong and healthy business relationships with our clients and partners through open communication, discussion, honest opinion, encouragement, taking the pain as it was our business, genuine concern, mutual respect and trust.

Tell a Lie Once and All Your Truths Become Questionable

The foundations of any relationship lie in honest and therefore it is our foremost aim to be honest in our dealings with our clients and partners.

Group Discussion, Set Aim and Objectives and Then Execute

We understanding in team work and group discussion. We are of the view that group discussions provide a broader perspective on the problem at hand; diversity develop new ideas and innovation. Therefore, we aim to take into consideration the voice, opinions and beliefs of all those who might be affected by the decision. We encourage our partners, our coworkers and our clients to actively and openly participate in these discussion so when the decision is made we have the backing and support of all stakeholders.

Result Oriented

All the talk will be useless and trash if we do not deliver the results we promise. Therefore, we are determined to get things done and deliver the results expected of us. We will always be the first ones to hold ourselves accountable if our work lacks quality or productivity.

Our commitment, dedication and hard work have brought about recognition of our services by various independent research companies. To learn more about our achievements and the awards we have received continue to read on.

Awards & Certifications

Cognizantt has been awarded with a number of awards and certifications by numerous third party organisations which focus on web development, web designing, internet marketing and application development. We take pride in our achievements and continue to strive hard to add to our existing portfolio of achievements. Given below are some of the awards and certifications we have managed to earn until now!

Awards and achievements

Cognizantt takes pride in offering a referral programme whereby our customers are able to earn rewards for recommending our services on our behalf to other businesses. Please give us a call to learn more about our referral program and the associated rewards.

Our existing partners and customers can earn substantial financial benefits for recommending us to new customers. Essentially, the incentive is based on whether the referral results in a paid customer or not. In order to provide credit to the source of the referral at the time of the signup, we can also develop a specifically designed landing page – which helps to track whether the referrals turning into actual customers.

If you would like additional information about our referral program or are interested in getting started, please send a direct email to partners@cognizantt.com.

Cognizantt has been instrumental in helping us build an incredible lead generating machine. Within just six months, we have doubled our online sales. Highly recommended!

Katherine Alexander, Entrepreneur

Cognizantt paid attention to what we had to say throughout the process. They designed a user friendly website and continued to make amendments and alterations until we were fully satisfied with the work delivered to us. We noticed an instant increase in visibility.

Jonathan Mintt, Project Manager

Their team analysed our industry and keywords before making any promises. We were struggling for years to get to page 1 of Google rankings. Cogniznatt employed the best SEO practices and within months we were able to crack the first page for the targeted phrases.

Neil Wragg, Project Manager

Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them invaluable partners…

Robert Bruce, Project Manager

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