The Cognizantt Process

The stages of our service provision

Our Process

Step One – Consultation

At Cognizantt, we try our best to get to know our customers before starting the campaign. In the first stage, we aim to become familiar with your business, your organization, your objectives and long term goals. This practice helps us to make more educated decisions on the online strategy that will be most appropriate for your business.

Step Two – Industry Analysis

Although understand our customers is of pivotal importance to us, it is far more important to perform some desk based research in the early stages of a project in order to understand your target audience and the industry your business belongs to. Through a comprehensive analysis, our web development specialists and online marketing experts will be able suggest the best possible direction to take with your business whilst also keeping in consideration how other successful professionals and customers within your area of business are doing it.

Step Three – Competitive Intelligence

The most important aspect of e-busness is to learn the competitiveness of the industry you will be competing it. It is absolutely vital to understand the competition you will face before putting together the campaign. By carefully analyzing the online strategies employed by the competitors, we can devise an approach that not only takes into account the possible common strategies but also the mistakes being made by them. This allows us to identify openings to take competitive advantage.

Step Four – Market Trends

When developing an online marketing strategy, we must never overlook the importance of market trends such as the seasons, time and other specific factors that could affect the buying decisions of potential customers. Our online marketing specialists incorporate all these factors into their planning which allows us to make right decisions. Our web development experts build websites that are in line with the strategy developed by our digital marketing experts.

Step Five – Targeted Keyword Generation

Once your website is ready and the analysis completed, our specialists will do even more research to identify highly relevant and convertible sales keywords for use in the campaign. We aim to base our keywords selection on several factors including competition, relevance and importance. This helps us to ensure that our selected keywords complement our client’s budget, goals and the amount of time provided to us.

Step Six – Online Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive online marketing strategy is crafted during this stage of the process whereby an integrated approach is designed. The most effective online marketing strategies are a mix of link building, SEO, website designing and Social Media efforts which result in effective results across an entire spectrum of marketing outlets. Every aspect of your online marketing is in sync and affecting your other online marketing initiatives.

Step Seven – Lead Generation / Conversion Optimization

Once the website is developed and a marketing strategy crafted, we turn our attention towards generating leads and converting them into sales to ensure you are getting maximum return on your investments. Cognizantt understand that our clients would expect measurable results and therefore we keep our development and marketing efforts conversion focused.

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