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How to come up with a logo design

Coming up with a logo design can take hours of work, research, and practice. Thinking about a logo design can be an overwhelming task, but with the right planning and research, you can come up with a winning solution.


Logo Colorways (Color combinations)

The choice of colors can make or break the overall look of your logo. Mark Zuckerberg chose the blue color for Facebook due to color blindness.

Logo Examples By Colors

Logos are a great way to brand your business. They are easy to create, look professional and work well on social media platforms to bring your brand into the spotlight. 

How Many Colors Should a Logo Have

All set to design your new logo but not sure of the colors to use? This article has got you covered. 

Logo Colors By Industry

It is believed by over 67% of visual learners that visual information is more persuasive and easier to remember than verbal information. Using logos is one of the best ways to do that. Nevertheless, every industry has its own taste when it comes to logo colors. 

Why Is a Logo Important?

As the famous saying goes by ”a logo is the face of your brand”. It’s the first thing customers see when they’re introduced to a new brand or company in B2B.

How Much Does Logo Design Cost in the UK?

If you’re planning to create a logo, the good news is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. Unlike expensive marketing, logos are one of the best, most affordable.

The psychology of colors to increase website conversions

You understand your targeted customers really well. You know what they like. You know how to navigate from one page to another to maximize…