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Mobile App Development Services

Why go Mobile?

Cognizantt’ team consists of trained professionals who are dedicated to the world of design and development. They are experts in designing mobile applications on platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS. All your custom built applications are tested and passed through our strict quality assurance processes before the launch. When complete, we ensure that your mobile business application is available on app stores of all operating systems.

Smart phones are the next big trend in web commerce. Thus, more and more users are turning to their mobile devices for all forms of online communication. Thus it is now essential for companies to reach their target audience. If your business relies on mobile applications and requires your audience to access your services online, it is essential that you have a dedicated mobile app. This will not only increase your customer base, but will also help build loyal customers.

Mobile Application Development Services

We provide unmatched mobile application development services to all of our customers. Our services help your business meet the market demands. With Cognizantt’s mobile application development services, your business will reach out to a huge number of customers and your conversion rates will also increase. We offer the below mentioned mobile application development services:

Android App Development Services

Most of the mobile market is dominated by Android, thus developing an Android app will help you increase your reach. Our android app development team assures that the app has accurate content, enhances user experience and contains all information that your customers might need.

iPhone App Development Services

Our iOS development team possesses the right skills and is equipped with the latest technological tools. Our team is also updated with the latest versions of iOS which helps them create an app accordingly. Our developers use iPhone SDK to custom-build iPhone apps in order to meet business needs.

Windows App Development

Cognizantt’s windows mobile application developers are capable of developing appealing and easy-to-use mobile applications. Our team is equipped with visual studio IDE, SQL server and .net compact framework’s knowledge. Thus, we are able to develop a proficient Windows application for your business.

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iPhone Application Development Services

Unique iPhone applications are developed with extreme care at Cognizantt. Our trained professionals ensure that the best iOS development services are offered. These services are designed to meet your business needs. Your custom built applications are launched only when they pass our quality assurance process.

Our Process

Concept & Framework

Initial concepts regarding your business’ application is developed by our team. A framework is built which carries out all communication aspects. In addition to this, we also provide complete application features with the best flow of functions.

Revision & Customization

Customizations and revisions are taken care of by our iOS app development team. It gathers feedback and each of them are incorporated in the framework to make sure that the best product is designed.


A methodical workflow is followed by our development experts to make sure that the process is executed without any glitches. Our development process make sure that the applications have the best UI and UX, and also that they adhere to guidelines specified by Appstore and Playstore.

Testing and Fixing

Testing is then performed by our quality assurance team to assess various aspects of the software. Our experienced QA team looks for faults and errors in the application. When identified, solutions are sort for to make sure that a high performing iPhone application is released.

Release Candidate / Full Release

Our application is then released to our clients for testing purposes. We ask our clients to check the app completely, and see if it meets their expectations. Based on their feedback, we make changed to the app prior to the final release. Our development team makes sure that the application is approved for Appstore for distribution purposes.

Additional Revisions

Updates to the application or changes with respect to new features are notified to all clients.

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