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Pay Per Click Management Services

  • Pay per click (PPC) helps businesses reach new audiences with the help of paid advertising within the search results of major search engines.
  • Based on keywords and audiences, our PPC services will aim to focus on the targeted audience.
  • We optimize and manage pay per click campaigns to help your business grow. To make sure that all campaigns are set properly; CPA minimization, targeting and complete utilization of various features for bid adjustment are performed by our experts.

Do I need PPC?

Many businesses do not opt for pay per click advertising due to different reasons. Some experience budgetary constraints, others do not feel the need due to the type of business they own. In a lot of instances, the cost of a single click could be quite costly depending on the keywords and phrases you may have to target. Companies need to have a dedicated budget towards pay per click to help make it work and make it effective, as well.

Companies that can allocate a fixed monthly budget for pay per click advertising will reap the rewards. It is essential for businesses to understand that pay per click prices can change over time. These changes occur due to the importance of a keyword, competition of that keyword and the amount of traffic that is driven to that keyword.

How Cognizantt can help?

  • We help businesses to get the most out of their pay per click campaign.
  • Our PPC management team is experienced, and will not only set up a campaign, but will also optimize it according to your needs. Our team allocates funds with respect to different strategies that enhance campaigns over time with respect to your business needs.
  • We operate with the main objective of helping our clients grow their business by bringing highly relevant traffic to their websites. 

PPC Services

Account Establishment

Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo are particularly interested in history of advertising efforts towards certain keywords and phrases. These estimates are a helpful tool for businesses to allocate prices and estimate future budgets. However, having the right campaign from the initial stage could help the business decrease costs and increase performance in the long run.

  • First, we make sure that a campaign is set up and optimized according to business needs.
  • Second, our creative ad development team assures that effective and creative display and textual advertisements are created that will appeal to potential customers.
  • Then, the campaign is appropriately tackled and the needs are properly understood to help achieve quality results. This is also displayed within the Google Analytics account of the business.
  • Landing pages are optimized by creating conversion-driven pages. These are created with the intention of drawing traffic that will turn into paid customers.
  • Our team also focuses on keywords that are less competitive in order to increase return on investments. 

Maintenance and Support

Maintaining a pay per click campaign can be time consuming and intimidating even for experienced users.

  • Our PPC services will help you focus on other aspects of your business, while we take care of your pay per click campaign.
  • Our campaigns are managed by experienced managers who review results, track conversions and gather other key information in order to improve the campaign.
  • Our team employs a wide variety of strategies to test the performance of a campaign. This testing includes testing of landing pages with the help of A/B multivariate testing.

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