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Social Media Marketing Services

Reach Real Customers

Sharing accurate content along with the right ideas is the most effective way of carrying out social media marketing campaigns. However, all efforts should be consistent to make the campaign a success. We realize that not many people have the time to invest in social media campaigns as they require sheer dedication. This is why we recommend handing over your social media needs to us! We have been in the industry long enough to understand what is needed to run a successful social media campaign. So, you focus on running your business, while we take care of your social media and make it a success! Our social media marketing services can really help your business take off.

Page Optimisation With Our Social Media Marketing Services

Our page optimization pages will make sure that your business pages are nothing short of best. With the help of these pages, your business will be able to show its best public face to all of its customers. Optimization includes a company bio, corporate logo, cover photo, your phone number, links to other social media platforms of your business and your website. Whenever a follower of your business ‘likes’ any of your Facebook post or retweets any of your post, the cover photo will show up in other people’s feeds (specifically ‘friends’ of the person who has liked your post and/or tweet). This cover photo will then act a ‘brand billboard’ with the help of which you can create awareness of your brand. Moreover, including links to other social media platforms will help provide your business an opportunity to engage with fans. On the other hand, a link to your website will help create leads for your business, creating sales eventually.

Weekly Curated Reports

Weekly posts help keep your business in customers’ mind. We plan weekly posts for your business by finding engaging and trending content related to your business and industry, and then share it with your social media audience by posting it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Once we set up your page, we will deliver these posts once in two weeks. You will then have two days to either accept or reject the posts before they are posted and live. Our curated content includes informative, relevant, and entertaining articles. We also provide infographics and statistics gathered and put together by other people (The creators benefit from the exposure, thus there are no copyright related issues).

Branded Social Posts

Our monthly posts are designed specifically for your business, and keeping in mind the services that you offer. Our posts include any/all promotions that your company offer, blog links, website links, quotes and company photos. This type of branded content is essential for your brand and helps build your brand image. A major benefit of branded social posts is that it appeals to followers and encourages them to become loyal customers. For potential customers, these posts serve as an ‘inside look’, where they can get a sneak peek of your services that you offer.

Facebook Ads

Your company will benefit from Facebook Ads as they help to build awareness via impressions, and also assist in traffic generation for your Facebook page. There are different Facebook ad programs and your monthly budget will determine the program you can choose. With the help of Facebook’s algorithm and user data, you can narrowly target your audience. Furthermore, these ads are flexible, as well and you can design them as per your needs. For instance, you can change ads from one week to another and perform testing to understand which approaches work and which do not. In addition to this, you can also reach audiences instantly through Facebook’s mobile app. Also, you can get a lot of information regarding your page performance, audience demographics, engagement metrics etc. through Facebook’s metrics, which is extremely helpful for your business.

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