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Website Designing and Development

Importance of Having an Online Presence

Each day millions of potential buyers on the internet are searching for products and services to fulfill their needs. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you are missing out on potential new customers and an increased profit. However, before you can get people to buyer your product or service, an easy to use and well-designed website should be created for your business. We build websites for our clients with online marketing in mind so you can be confident that your business website will be found on the internet by those who search for products/services you sell.

Building a Website From Scratch

This product allows our clients and partners to build websites that are accessible on any device. Whether your potential customers are scrolling on their phone, browsing on their laptop or at their desk, our web development specialists will design a website for you that is easy to access and navigate.

The aim of this service to build professional yet affordable websites that are search engine friendly. A website that is not user friendly is unlikely to achieve the desired results, and therefore it should be designed as a tool to enhance your online marketing efforts, generate leads, build a customer database, gather useful information from the visitors, increase product awareness, attract new customers and allow for online payment processing service integration.

Website Redesign, Restructure and Revamp

If you already have a website but are not happy with its performance and features, Cognizantt will be able to redesign, modify or complete revamp your existing website so you could get higher number of potential buyers to visit your website. This will eventually result in more sales leads and a higher e-business revenue.

Features of Our Web Development Services


Cognizantt aims to follow guidelines provided by world’s largest search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Website structure and on page elements developed based on these guidelines help the website to quickly get scanned, indexed and ranked in the search engines. This means that your website will get a better exposure in search engine results, and thereby more traffic will land on your website searching for what you offer.

High-Quality Content

Our company makes sure that the best content in terms of information and quality is generated for your business. Unique content that is relevant for your business is prepared for each page of your website. We make sure that all your visitors are provided with the information they’re looking for and that they get answers to all their questions. With valuable content on your website, you make sure that your visitors are engaged, trust is built, and all their queries are answered so that they make a purchase from you.

User Experience

With quality user experience, we make sure that your users are able to navigate and extract information they need. To enhance your user experience, your website’s user structure should be intuitive, labeling should be accurate, and the language should be simple, free from all kinds of jargons. The color scheme and graphics should be attractive, but uniform. However, your website should be eye-catchy, and the appearance should be in line with the usability of your website.

Lead Generation

Your attractive and extremely easy to use website will be of no use if it does not generate sales. Leads should be converted into opportunities to make sure that revenue is generated. Each web page that we build has a call to action that forces visitors to take an action, every time they visit your website. Lead capture forms are also embedded to help you build a contact/mailing list for your website.


Today, all websites are required to have a mobile responsive design, so that users accessing your website on their mobile can easily navigate through all your web pages.


Speed is one of the strengths of the websites developed by Cognizantt. Our web pages are designed to load quickly, to enhance user experience. In addition to this, the product turnaround time for websites designed by us is extremely swift. Once you place an order with us, your website will be designed in no time.


Save a huge amount by getting a professionally designed website from Cognizantt.

Customer Support

Our team consists of writers, designers and SEO marketing experts. All your questions and queries will be answered within no time. All your problems are catered to and responded immediately. We give in nothing less than best to ensure that your site is always online, visible and is driving traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year.

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