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Video SEO Services

What is Video SEO?

The process of promoting the content associated with a video across a range of video hosting sites such as Youtube and Dailymotion is known as video search engine optimization or video SEO. It is possible to push a particular video to the top of search engines results for relevant keywords and search terms by implementing strategies and guidelines provided by the search engines.

How does my business benefit from video SEO?

Online videos have a become a powerful online marketing tools in the recent times with almost all renowned brands using major video platforms to market their products and services. It is pivotal for businesses to utilize video marketing strategies as a way to spread their word. If you wish to get your message out to those who might be interested in the type of services and products you are selling then the importance of online video services should not be discounted. Moreover, having videos on popular video hosting websites can help you build a positive image of your business.

How Cognizantt can help you with video SEO

We have experienced video SEO experts in our online marketing team so you can be confident of getting your video content optimized based on the keywords associated with our target audience. Our team of experts will use a mix of offpage and onpage SEO techniques to quickly index and push your video higher in the search engine results. The primary aim of the exercise will be to share the video content on a range of social sharing websites to improve its visibility across search engines.

We will also make sure that your videos are getting the favourable response on video hosting websites by monitoring the responses and comments it gets. To learn more about our video SEO services, please fill out of quote form below.

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