What is a UX Review?

UX design or user experience is the best way to improve the functionality of your product. Our user design review process includes use of various methods, tools and expertise to evaluate how a user would interact with your product in a real time scenario. The process helps our designers to identify key issues relating to the UX. 

In follow up to the UX review process, our designers provide recommendations as to how the overall business performance, user experience and conversions can be improved by optimizing the UX design of your product. Essentially, the UX review process is based on the experiential principles, user interface best practices and the best usability strategies.  

What makes our UX Review process authentic and reliable

  • Designer expertise
  • Exploratory principles
  • Usability guidelines
  • Use interface best practices





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What makes our UX Review process authentic and reliable

  • Identifying the problems and presenting a workable solution for each
  •  Illustrative example and a brief description for each problem identified
  •  Details of the level of severity for the issues   
  • Suggestions in terms of how the overall product usability the interface can be enhanced

1.      Illustrations and examples

2.      Identification of UX design issues

3.      Severity rating for each review

4.      Giving advice



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Benefits of Our UX Design Audit

Have a project you want to talk about? Let our experts help you give your project wings. As part of our UX design review services, we will optimize your project UX design based on the following;

Streamlining the user experience

Any technical glitches can ruin the user experience and if they don’t get they will turn to your competitors. Your users are expecting a seamless experience. We conduct an in-depth analysis to identify and eliminate all issues that lead to poor user experience. With our UX review service, you are certain have user experience related issues removed and the resulting product will be easy to use.

Maximum ROI

The better the UX design of your product, the higher the conversion rate is likely to be. Our designers spend considerable amount of time to identify issues preventing users from completing the desired action in the app.

 Improving customer satisfcation

All elements of user interface design that directly contribute towards user satisfaction including but not limited to loyalty, retention and loyalty. We optimize your product in a way that your users love using it and they keep coming back to it. 

User engagement, retention, and loyalty directly depend on user satisfaction. During a UX audit, we streamline your product’s user experience so customers keep returning to your app.

Highlighting the Unique Identitiy

Cognizantt design experts will enable you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors by highlighting your product’s unique identity and value to the users.

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Our UX design review process

  1. We gather all the required data about your product, your competitors, your customers and the industry you operate.
  2. We analyze your competitors to identify any areas of their weaknesses and capitalize on them after a thorough review and discussion with you.
  3. We ensure product compliance with industry best design practices. This is done through cognitive exercises for the product user-flow and by addressing issues pertaining to navigation.
  4. We test all pages of the product to ensure they are performing the function they were created for.
  5. We provide detailed recommendations in the final report as a follow up of a comprehensive analysis of usability and overall user experience.
  6. Finally, we provide a price quote based on the time and resources needed to improve your product or develop it from scratch.

Upon request, Cognizantt can also present a report providing results based on testing for the essential product flows. This strategy also enables us to understand the product flow from the users’ perspective. 

Issues are identified and fixed based on the following criteria.

  • Low level issues that need to be addressed but don’t affect the user experience.
  • Medium level issues that are hurting user experience and need to be taken care.
  • High level issues that need to be fixed on an urgent basis because they are damaging the overall functionality of the product and the user experience.

Ares covered by Cognizantt designers as part of our UX design audit service:

Our experts will review test the user experience and user interface of any website or page based on;

  • UX and graphic protocols
  • Product usability
  • Compliance with industry best practices and design standards

Cognizantt designers will proceed to eliminate the design concerns and implement the features to enhance user friendliness immediately once they have developed a clear and comprehensive plan for enhancements.

1. UX

  • Information architecture
  • Navigation issues
  • Page hierarchy
  • Clear user flow
  • Adherence to platform guidelines
  • Alignment with common design patterns
  • Misleading UX solutions
  • Missing/extra elements
  • System feedback issues and bugs
  • Usability problems (heuristic evaluation across 10 UX dimensions to assess UX maturity)

2. UI

  • Design inconsistencies
  • Incorrect alignment
  • Problems with scaling (such as fonts being too small)
  • Insufficient contrast
  • Mobile responsiveness

Competitor analysis to give your product an edge

One of the best ways to get ahead of your competitors is to identify their areas of weaknesses that your product can capitalize on. Our designers spend a considerable amount of time analysis your competitors and discovering features that would give your product a competitive edge. This is typically done by comparing your product with those of your competitors, and identifying the features that would make your product more appealing to your targeted audience.

UX review mistakes that we deliberately avoid

  • Reviewing some but not all pages of the app or website
  • Excluding any important steps from our UX review process
  • Not collecting sufficient data pertaining to your product, target market and competitors
  • Failing to discuss and understand your long term expectations and business goals

Failing to understand the KPIs of your product

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We conduct a quality audit and provide effective recommendations for web and mobile products including SaaS, ERP, CMS, and other systems.

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Product design at Cognizantt is research-driven

Product design Based On a Research-Based Process

At Cognizantt, we believe in processes. We have designed our UX design process to be research-driven to provide effective solutions. Every step of the process is critical for us.

  1. Defining the Project – Before our designers can review the UX design and provide recommendations, we arrange for a kick-off meeting with the client to discuss their business objectives and the expectations they may have.
  2. Conducting Research – Our in-house designers conduct in-depth research on your industry and competitors to suggest an effective solution for your product.
  3. Develop the Design – Based on your business objectives and consumer needs, our designers will create a design structure and suggest various design ideas for you to choose from.
  4. Prototyping – Our designers will create a clickable prototype, mockups, wireframes and a guide to turn the concept into a real time functional design.
  5. Assessment and Revisions – Once the design has been completed, our analysists will conduct testing to gauge the usability and performance of the product. We take your feedback at every stage of the process and improve the design accordingly.

Interested in other designing services?

Product design review is one of many design services offered by Cognizantt. We’re a reliable partner at every step of product design and development. Check out our other popular designing services.


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